Woman murdered with iron rod by cousin for refusing marriage proposal in Delhi

- July 29, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The victim and the accused were first cousins, with their mothers as sisters

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A 23-year-old woman named Nargis was allegedly killed by a 28-year-old man, Irfan in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar. The motive behind the murder was Nargis turning down Irfan’s marriage proposal. What makes this case even more disturbing is that the victim and the accused were first cousins, their mothers being sisters, police said.

The police revealed that Irfan had been following Nargis for the past three to four days, hoping to talk to her.
The attack took place at a park near Delhi University’s Sri Aurobindo College, where Nargis and Irfan were together at the time of the incident, they said, adding that after the attack, Irfan fled the scene, but he has been arrested.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal expressed his concern about the deteriorating law and order situation in the city following this incident. He urged the Union home minister and the lieutenant governor to take stringent measures to improve the safety and security of the residents, particularly women.
“Another daughter was brutally murdered in Delhi, it is very sad. Law and order has become a serious issue in Delhi. It is a request to the LG and the Home Minister, make the police a little active. The safety of the daughters of Delhi and the people of Delhi is very important,” he tweeted.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (south) Chandan Chowdhary said Nargis and Irfan had been in a relationship previously, and there were discussions about their marriage.
However, Nargis’s family disapproved of the relationship, which led to her cutting off communication with Irfan. This rejection reportedly agitated Irfan, leading to the preplanned murder, he said.

He added the woman’s body was found under a bench in the Vijay Mandal Park with a head injury, and an iron rod was found nearby, which was allegedly used in the crime.
Irfan claimed that he obtained the iron rod from his house. He also admitted attempting to approach Nargis on Monday, but he was unable to meet her due to unspecified reasons, he further added.

Nargis recently completed her graduation and attended stenography classes in Malviya Nagar. On the other hand, Irfan did not have a permanent job and worked as a food delivery agent.

The Delhi Commission for Women has taken notice of the murder and issued a notice to the police, requesting details about the FIR filed, information on the accused, and any actions taken in the case by July 31. (With inputs from PTI)