Why is Old Rajendra Nagar the go-to destination for civil service aspirants? Find out here 

- June 23, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Old Rajendra Nagar has become a popular educational destination for UPSC preparation. Every year, hundreds of students make their way to this Delhi neighborhood, leaving their family and friends behind and immersing themselves in studies

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The area has become a temporary home for a large number of young contenders in their twenties, a substantial percentage from other parts of Delhi. Here they get moral support from others who have the same single purpose in mind – to make it to the civil services via all-India competitive exams. 


Educational hub

It all started when coaching institutes started setting up shop in the area. Soon, a whole ecosystem developed providing facilities that acted as a magnet even for young contenders with homes in other parts of Delhi. 

As one candidate Zeeshan put it, “The environment is student-friendly, be it the parks in that area, the living arrangements, PGs and libraries – all of them combine to make it the perfect space for preparation. This helps you greatly to stay in the right frame of mind.”

Zeeshan, UPSC aspirant, is preparing for the exam for last one year
Zeeshan Khan, UPSC aspirant, is preparing for the exam for last one year

Apart from the dozens of coaching institutes that have been here for years, educational giants such as Byju’s and Vedantu are also setting up branches in Rajendra Nagar to cash in on the volumes of students. This gives the students wider choices and broader exposure.

Bilal Khan, who has been studying for civil service examinations since 2019, for instance, is happy that coaching is available also for optional subjects.

Bilal Khan UPSC aspirant
Bilal Khan, UPSC aspirant, is preparing for the exam for last two years


Cultural diversity 

Civil service aspirants converge on this West Delhi colony from all over the country. “No matter what caste or community you belong to, you will find your people here,” adds Zeeshan. “We form study groups and also don’t feel lonely. This is not the case with North Campus or Mukherjee Nagar.” 


Safety in numbers

“Old Rajendra Nagar is one of the safest places in Delhi,” declares Satyam Jha, who has experience living in different parts of Delhi. “Walk out at 2 am and you’ll find people strolling around. Food stalls and stationery shops are open. There are few distractions, which gives a sense of assurance to  our parents as well.”

Zeeshan Khan, UPSC aspirant
Zeeshan Khan, UPSC aspirant, is preparing for the exam for last one year


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