IMD predicts rain for next 2 days in Delhi

- August 9, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The city recorded 384.6 mm of rainfall in July, which is the second-highest in the month in the last 15 years, compared to the normal of 195.8 mm

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Delhi residents can expect a temporary relief from the scorching summer heat as the Weather Department forecasts light rain over the upcoming two days. However, the respite is expected to be short-lived, as Wednesday could bring elevated humidity levels to the city.

According to data collected from the Safdarjung Observatory, which serves as Delhi’s primary weather station, the minimum temperature recorded on Wednesday was 26.6 degrees Celsius. This reading falls within the usual range for this time of the year.

As the days progress, the maximum temperature is projected to reach around 35 degrees Celsius. The skies are likely to remain predominantly cloudy, accompanied by intermittent light rain over the next 48 hours.

Delhi has already experienced a considerable amount of rainfall this year, with the current total standing at 762 mm. This figure represents nearly 99 percent of the average annual precipitation of 774 mm.

July was a particularly wet month for the city, resulting in improved air quality and cooler temperatures. Data from both the India Meteorological Department (IMD) and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) indicated that Delhi witnessed its most favorable air quality for July in the past five years. Additionally, the average maximum temperature hit its lowest point since 2016.

The recorded rainfall for July amounted to 384.6 mm, marking the second-highest level in the last 15 years, in stark contrast to the normal average of 195.8 mm.

The city has experienced an above-average rainfall pattern over the past four months. These figures include 53.2 mm of rain in March, exceeding the standard 17.4 mm; 20.1 mm in April, surpassing the average of 16.3 mm; 111 mm in May, compared to the expected 30.7 mm; and 101.7 mm in June, as opposed to the normal 74.1 mm. (With inputs from PTI)