Bindu keeps a promise: Marries herself in a digitized event

- June 9, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Today a unique event took place. Kshama Bindu, a 24-year-old Gujarati woman who identifies herself as bisexual, married herself. The wedding took place digitally with all the wedding rituals presided over by an online pundit

Mehendi ceremony of Kshama Bindu, Photo - Instagram

The ceremony, perhaps the first case of sologamy in India, took place two days earlier than 11 June – the announced date for the marriage – in order to avoid controversy. After the announcement Kshama made to marry herself at Harihareshwar temple in Vadodara, local BJP leader Sunita Shukla protested on the ground that it is against Hindu religion.
Undeterred, Bindu decided that the wedding would be conducted online. The bride looked radiant on her special day in the 40-minute digital wedding at her residence.

‘Act of self-acceptance’
Kshama Bindu, a resident of Vadodara, has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and is currently employed as a Senior Recruitment Officer for a private company. Her parents are both engineers.
Kshama believes that her marriage “is a commitment towards oneself” and “an act of self-acceptance.” She emphasizes that her marriage is no different from those of people who marry someone they fall for – and she loves herself.
After the wedding, she shared a video saying how grateful she is for the support she received on this decision. “I would like to thank everyone who has messaged me and congratulated me and gave me the power to fight for what I believed in,” she said on Facebook.

Mixed reactions
Twitter was abuzz with tweets around the marriage, with some netizens even taking it as a joke and an excuse for being single.
While some politicians called it against the Hindu religion, Congress leader Milind Deora called it an example of “wokeness that bordered on insanity.”

One Twitter user pondered if all of us are not already in a ‘sologamy’

According to Twitter handle @iyuc_jain, the wedding is a modern solution to go for a Goa trip.

However, @Whiskerson_Here thinks that sologamy is for losers who cannot even glorify being single.

Memes around ‘sologamy’ were also shared, with some Twitter handles calling it easy

Of course, there were some serious legal questions, however funny

Although, there were mixed opinions on the marriage, there were some handles that extended support

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