From Northeast, with love!

- June 16, 2023
| By : Team Patriot |

Humanyunpur is a go-to place for food enthusiasts looking to satisfy their palate with food from northeastern states

Humanyunpur, situated near Safdarjung Enclave, is a trove of pocket-friendly and tasty food. The place is known for its restaurants from north eastern states, and offers one of the best culinary experiences in the city.  Be it bamboo shoot pork or thukpa noodles, it has everything to satisfy your taste buds!

Hornbill Restaurant And Cafe:

The Naga restaurant is popular among youngsters and adults alike. Known for its traditional preparation of pork and chicken dishes, it has some of the best pocket-friendly dishes to offer.

Oh! Assam: 

A tiny restaurant located in the narrow lanes of Humayunpur, the Assamese restaurant is a must-visit for people looking to try authentic food from the state. As true to all the restaurants located in the area, the place is cheap and has a variety of thalis which include duck, pork, and chicken thali.

Lha Kitchen:

From thukpa to laphing, the restaurant has all the popular Tibetan dishes! Apart from Tibetan cuisine, the place also offers Chinese, Thai and Bhutanese food. The decor is super authentic and exudes a peaceful vibe.


A small Burmese restaurant in the heart of Humayunpur, the place is famous for its Meghalayan food. It offers weekday specials and is known for its Special Yangoon Thali.


Bhansaghar offers a unique taste of Nepali food. The place has to offer varieties of noodles and keema dishes. The decor has a cosy atmosphere in the basement of the restaurant, where many visitors prefer to sit.