Planets’ fashion guide

Sun signs have a lot to say about our personality and the colours that can prove to be lucky for us, making it a fascinating way to determine our fashion choices

With the recent celebrity weddings and their holidays to take cues from, not much remains that can influence our fashion sense on a considerable scale. But there is one thing that might sound intriguing in the new year – styling your attire according to your zodiac sign. Here, we look at how our horoscopes can collaborate with our personal style for the anticipated goodwill in 2019.

The ones who struggle to make sense of the extent to which
planetary positions can affect their lives, can instead believe in what all we can conquer if we prepare to dress for it.

The fiery sign that is defined by their competitive spirit and energy, we believe you would like equal amounts of adventure and challenge in what you wear. Pick the outfits that you think will do justice to your self-esteem. If you are into dresses, break the language with a pair of sneakers that shall keep you on your toes. Your demanding and impatient side will need you to relax at times, thus do not hesitate to dress down. As for colours, choose two favourites that will help you loosen up on other days. You may try the warm, cautious red and the tranquil, calm blue.

For Taureans like it stylish, we recommend you to check out the dressy corner at your favourite store that you have been avoiding. Don’t be stubborn about it! Keep your comfort in place but do not forget to underline your sense of grace by sporting a piece that will elevate your mood to extraordinary levels. Let us say no clothing can surpass the determination you put in everything you do. Just keep handy your mannerisms for luxury, when it is time to celebrate. Colours like white and green are big nominations for your future endeavours in fashion.

Oh Geminian! We already envy your pyjamas. What can you teach us about the fashion game? Keep at it — is all we have to say. As for hues, choose warmer tones like orange, yellow and green. As we will watch you toss the trends in the air and make your own statement, don’t let the judgements get to you, no matter good or bad.

Your inclination towards socialising, for all the exchange of ideas that happens, can put a good deal of comfort and spirituality in what you wear this year. Your travelling soul can opt for tailor-made ensembles of indigenous textiles that can be a conversation starter for you. Classics and consistency are on the charts and will go well with your sensitive and insightful nature. Go for the colour of life — green.

You are the king of the bog and must dress as one. Wear outfits that enhance your poise. Find a balance between traditional and modern wear and you will do wonders. Accept warm colours from red to yellow that match your determination. Donning outfits with surface details and embroidery will go well with everything you set out to do in the future.

The talented bunch of practical-minded people of the zodiac, it is time for you to upgrade your love for classics. Be it a saree or a denim, push your style forward and it shall reflect in your pursuits. Be open and define your own timelessness, which is where your critical self will come in handy. Decorate your entire look with modern jewellery to break the monotony. Go for warmer hues like orange and yellow to neutrals like grey and white that will help you achieve a better version of yourself.

A sign that is explained by the idea of a balance between extremities, can use the same ideology in how they wish to dress up. Your flair for quirky separates can be teamed up with subtle additions. Fashion is all about exploring the right balance and perhaps, life needs that too. Use your skill to find your voice in a world full of paradoxes.

Being in a zodiac group known for tastefulness and pragmatism, your inclination towards darker hues will take you far in 2019. Believe in your instincts and take the untrodden ways.

Use your general enthusiasm for life in clothing and your ambitious self will take you places. Pick metallic tones as they are quite in trend this year. Identify your dressing habits and redesign your wardrobe in a way that fills the gaps. Add a couple of unconventional looks for the days you are feeling extra sassy.

Functionality being your area of interest when it comes to decision making, choose strong silhouettes that fit your idea of a focused life. In that case, what is better than to suit up? Create an ensemble range of soft suits in colours like charcoal, beige and sometimes, a baby pink, for your everyday work wear. Add details like lean jewellery to complete the look.

The spiritual nature of an Aquarian will arouse their interest in vivid colours and free-floating silhouettes. Your philanthropic belief system and enterprises will need you to dress in a way that keeps you away from negativity and skepticism. Dress light and undemanding and you shall make the best out of your capabilities.

Your carefree spirit will guide you in the new year. Opt for fluid silhouettes like skirts, softer and sheer fabrics and delicate flowery motifs that will complement your nature. Textiles like Chanderi and silks can put you in ease to ascend higher this year.
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