When art gets too real

- July 18, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

India Habitat Centre organises a group show of 50 artists titled ‘EQUALLY Guaranteed To All Without Regard’ where their artworks will focus on the fight for equal rights and justice.

The curator of the show, historian Johnny ML, says, “We live in a world where human relationship with every other thing around is askew. However, post human thoughts reveal how intricate relationships formed between the animate and inanimate objects in nature and the humans themselves have been redefined to create a world of broader understanding that helps in eradicating various kinds of phobias prevalent in the current human environs.” 


The artworks will primarily force a conversation about the marginal existence of some artists and their relationship with the mainstream ones, which is skewed at any given time. The curator adds that creative endeavours are not a monolith, speaking one language and showing one attitude. “It’s rather a multitude within a heterogenous sphere of living and ideations”, he says.

The works in this show underline the fact that there is always a chance for everyone in the art scene, without regard to race, caste, creed and financial establishment. It also says that art guarantees equity to one and all with its ability to transcend differences even while flagging out issues and negotiating with contemporary realities.

The participating artists for the show are Aditya Singh Rajpoot, Ajinkya Mohan Shirodkar, Anil Kumar Bodwal, Arjinder Kumar, Banita Sahoo, Bikash Chandra Senapati, Bhola Kumar, Bodh Raj Baldhotra, Dipali Nandi, Ekta Sharma, Himmat Gayri, Jintu Mohan Kalita, Kannu Behera, Kajal Singh, Kumar Swamy Pashikanti, Malti Sharma, Nishchay Thakur, Nilamadhba Patra, Neerja Peters, Priyoum Talukdar, Rajesh Singh, Ravi Prakash, Ravi Kumar Agrahari, Rahul Dhiman, Rahula Ushahra, Rakesh Sadhak  Raj Shankar Jha, Rashmita Kanojia, Sunil Kumar Singh, Tribhuvan Kumar, Umesh Jana.

Where:  Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre

When: Timing 11 to 7 pm Daily 

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