Art that might change your mind

- September 16, 2022
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

A solo exhibition featuring the works of Renu Khandelwal will compel the audience to challenge the preconceived notions and change their mind

In the exhibition titled ‘Metanoia’, organized by Triveni Gallery, artist Renu Khandelwal illustrates the journey of life, in which we are born with an inquisitive mind, progress into adolescence with a more adventurous viewpoint, enter motherhood to become more compassionate, and finally enter the spiritual phase of life to achieve peace and harmony.

Some of the works shown in the artwork were inspired by observing people dance in Vrindavan with greatest devotion to Lord Krishna. This characterizes the experience of heavenly delight. Others are motivated by bringing inner peace and stability even amid difficult COVID times, as well as by gaining inspiration from those who battled but kept moving forward by going closer to nature.

Throughout her works, Renu Khandelwal has shown a passionate desire to sculpt every aspect of human relationships and embody feelings and emotions as a form, striving to achieve a balance between the abstract and realistic, albeit with astounding lyricism.

The artist believes that art is a concession of the subconscious mind and soul. Art helps her integrate and engage her inner energy. 

She says, “All my creations are in communion and extract their own space of formutual correspondence. They are the subjects of profound thought sharing, and one gets the feeling of motherly affection, male and female bonding, and the want of humanity with some fine adjustments to movements.”

Metanoia is an old Greek word that means “changing one’s mind. “This is what my art represents, from self-discovery to growth to becoming a better person and living a better life with a wider perspective of things”, she elaborates. 

Where:  Triveni Gallery

When:  21- 30 September, 11 AM – 7 PM