Art that portrays the diversity of life

- September 15, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Gallery Art Exposure presents the early and recent works of Lalu Prasad Shaw that reflect the Indian diversity and political issues with humour and irreverence

Gallery Art Exposure presents Lalu Prasad Shaw — Early and Recent Works. The exhibition, curated by Ina Puri, features early and recent works of the master printmaker and artist in graphics, crayon, and tempera.

Oftentimes, visual imagery and internal identities in Indian art is influenced by other cultures, especially the Western culture. Lalu Prasad Shaw’s art, right from the early formative years, pursues a distinctly Indian focus.

“At Gallery Art Exposure, we focus on strengthening the ties that bind modern and contemporary art. In this retrospective, we have drawn from Shaw’s earliest work – from his brilliant printmaking to his contemporary portrayals of people from the city of Kolkata”, says Somak Mitra, Director of Gallery Art Exposure.

Lalu Prasad Shaw’s oeuvre famously portrays a variety of people occupied in various pursuits, including romantic dalliances, the Babu’s regular forays to the market to buy fish and vegetables or the Bibi, with a caged bird by her side, reading or gazing into space.

Through these images we get an insight into the artist’s practice as well as his gently satirical approach towards life and its diversity. People can be differentiated by their ethnicity, religion, profession and class, giving rise to a sense of plurality. Deeply affected by political issues through his life, Shaw in his septuagenarian years chooses to reflect on his environment with humour and irreverence. The retrospective pays a tribute to the veteran by showcasing the range of his art that is as contemplative as it is humorous.

“As a printmaker and painter, Lalu Prasad Shaw is remarkable for his contemporaneity and stylistic expression. Gallery Art Exposure brings to the capital a meticulously curated selection of his most outstanding works from the earliest time to present day offering the viewers an intimate look at the veteran artist’s vast oeuvre”, says curator Ina Puri.

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When: 16 – 25 September 2022

Where: Centre for Contemporary Arts, Ground Floor — Bikaner House, New Delhi