Charandas Chor

- June 4, 2023
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

The tickets can be booked online from Bookmyshow and on the venue starting from Rs 200 ranging to Rs 500

The poster of the play

The Theatre Leela Academy will bring a comic relief for Delhiites today with “Charandas Chor” at Shri Ram Centre Delhi.

Known for their apt adaptations of the classic, Theatre leela Academy promises another fun ride for its audience.

The one-hour, fifteen-minute trip promises a lot of twists and turns and is a real comedy riot, according to Varun Sharma, director of the play, and so far the audience response has been quite favourable.

Tickets are selling quickly, and the possibilities of another successful concert from Theatre Leela Academy appear to be good, which is a terrific return for the amount of hard effort put in by the entire crew.

The play portrays the turbulent life of Charandas, a small-time thief who, interestingly, is a man of principles. Despite his profession, Charandas possesses a strong sense of honesty, integrity, and professional competence. He pledges four vows to his Guru, expressing his belief that certain things are beyond his reach: he will never eat from a golden plate, never lead a procession held in his honor, never become a king, and never marry a princess.

Later, his Guru adds a fifth vow—never to tell a lie—and sets him on his life’s journey. Charandas finds himself in a kingdom where a series of events catapults him to fame. Eventually, he is offered a position of political power, which he chooses to decline. However, complications arise when the local princess becomes captivated by him and proposes marriage. His refusal to accept costs him his life. As he faces execution, Charandas embodies the inherent paradox of human existence, highlighting how living a truthful life becomes an impossibility for both those who are naturally honest and those who stumble upon truth accidentally.

The tickets can be booked online from Bookmyshow and on the venue starting from Rs 200 ranging to Rs 500.

When: June 04, 2023, 5.00 pm

Where: Shriram centre, 4, Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House.