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Introspecting minds

What: A compilation of artworks which are characterized by the introspective aspects of their creators’ mind is on view. The show has been curated in a precise association with the artist’s psyche and thus moulded by their experiences and inner turmoil’s. Titled ‘Isolation and introspection’, the show offers artworks by few eminent artists whose canvases are structured to a visual trajectory that speaks the language of their thoughts and emotions.

The tender and moisture-laden abstracts of Ganesh Haloi leads the show, which evokes metaphysical elements within ordinary landscapes, through his personal style of sophisticated elegance and finish. Other important works in the selection include Arpana Caur’s canvases which manipulate the pictorial space in her own idiosyncratic style. Kishor Shinde’s heavily textured and layered canvases are structured to a visual trajectory that speaks a language of non-figurative symbols.

When: March 1 – 31 (11 am – 7 pm) 

Where: Sanchit Art – 167, DLF South Court Mall, Saket


Artistic constraints

What: Over the last several years, artist Jitish Kallat has been developing a “vocabulary of studio rituals” that explore aesthetic questions mediated by natural elements and the passage of time. He has described these as “systems of self-imposed artistic constraints” that alter his intuitions and perceptions. In the exhibition ‘Integer Study (drawing from life)’ three sets of freighted numbers along with the timestamp of a moment in the day give rise to a thought-form. The three integers are the algorithmically estimated human population of the planet at that very moment as well as the estimated births and deaths that have occurred until that time of day. The numbers are abstractions forming a triangulation of life by mapping birth, death and time. In these works, an arc of existential questions morphs into ecological ones; from reflections on climate and extinction to evolution and decay.

When: March 6 – 15 

Where: Website of Nature Morte

Paying tribute

What: Celebrating 100 years of Sitar Maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar by Mohan Brothers, Legacy Concert is a tribute to the legend of Indian Classical Music, in the centenary year of his birth. The concert features two of India’s best classical musicians, the world-renowned Sitar and Sarod duo Mohan Brothers – Lakshay Mohan & Aayush Mohan. Having been launched for their debut USA tour by the legend himself, the brothers are the first musicians to represent India at Grammy Museum, Los Angeles. Some of their prominent international concerts include Symphony Space NYC, Berklee College Boston, Abbey Theatre Dublin, Central Conservatory of Music, China; and many more. Being torchbearers of his legacy, Mohan Brothers will present some signature compositions of Pandit Ravi Shankar at the Legacy concert.

When: March 13 (7 pm onwards)

Where: Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre

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