Loved, lost and found

- September 1, 2022
| By : Jayali Wavhal |

Delhi-based artists Prassenjit and Akanksha will bring a fusion of sher-o-shayari and ghazals to the audience in their upcoming concert, taking them on a journey of love and introspection

The show, titled ‘Ehsaas Ka Safar’, builds its narrative on a jugalbandi of sher-o-shayari and ghazals which takes the audience on a journey of several familiar emotions such as  finding love, experiencing it and losing it, thus ultimately embarking on a path to finding one’s own self. The musical and poetic evening calls out to the love hidden within us, and the love we have put out in the world while also provoking us for some introspection.

While Akanksha Tyagi will read and recite poetry, shers and nazms, Prassenjit Lahiri will sing the ghazals. They will be accompanied by Avinash Grubb on the piano during the 90-minute show.

Akanksha Tyagi says, “As a poet, I convey an array of emotions that we all have felt at some or the other time in our lives. Poetry is a vessel with which we can comprehend complex emotions. I don’t essentially set goals for my recital but merely try to create a symposium of emotions. I know it is achieved when the audience is laughing, crying, singing with us”.

The couple decided on a ghazal format as it is one of their favourite genres. Prassenjit says, “I feel ghazals give performers and listeners a holistic experience of enjoying beautiful music with powerful lyrics, encompassing the whole spectrum of human emotions.”

He adds that performing ghazals is a big responsibility because the listeners have immense knowledge and love for the art form. “And Delhi’s reputation as a music-loving city is known to all”, he remarks.

Where: India International Centre

When: 4 September, 7 pm