Vaidik: A solo exhibition by Shekhar Ranjan Dutta

- March 27, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

In order to expand his horizons and reach out to art connoisseurs in Delhi, artist Shekhar Ranjan Dutta is exhibiting his paintings at Lalit Kala Academy from March 29 to April 4

An exhibition of paintings of West Bengal’s famous artist Shekhar Ranjan Dutta is being organised from March 29 to April 4, 2024, at Lalit Kala Academy.

The theme for the exhibition is “Vaidik” as the paintings derive its meaning from the ancient Indian Vedic texts. Shekhar Ranjan Dutta has in-depth knowledge of ancient Puranic texts and his paintings depict stories from there. The portrayal of texts is so vivid and has momentum that the onlookers are left spell bound by their intensity and charm.

“Being born in Bangladesh and having honed my skills in fine art at Chittagong University, I have always been drawn to expressing myself through both painting and sculpture,” said Shekhar Ranjan Dutta. “Working with Nakashkatha, especially with teak wood, has been a fulfilling journey, particularly collaborating with a German company to showcase my craftsmanship on a global stage.”

One of his best carvings, ‘Nabagurga,’ is displayed in Guwahati KalaKshetra gallery forever. “It’s an honor to have my work showcased for a lifetime, allowing it to inspire generations to come,” Dutta said.

Beyond his personal creations, Dutta’s passion for nurturing budding artists led him to establish the Academy for Art and Culture in Kooch Behar. “Guiding my students towards realising their artistic potential brings me immense joy,” he said, adding that “Many of them have flourished into esteemed figures in the art world, a testament to their dedication and talent.”

When: 11 AM- 7PM; March 29 to April 4, 2024

Where:  Lalit Kala Academy, Mandi House, Delhi