Who was Meera?

- July 19, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Directed by Sudheer Rikhari and performed by Ridhima Bagga, the Trialogue Co. presents ‘Meera beyond devotion’, which explores Sant Meerabai’s life beyond her spiritual image

A Kathak dancer, who is researching Meerabai, is intrigued by her life struggles and choices. As her research progresses, she realizes that Meera was not just a devotee; she was a rebel who stood against the norms of society that degraded women and put restrictions on them. By following her spiritual path, she inspired thousands of women. But was taking the spiritual path a conscious choice made by Meera? The performer, and the play, explore these questions and other hidden life aspects of Meera’s life. While relating to Meera’s life, the performer realises that Meera’s life and experiences are contemporary, forcing the audience to think if Meera is present with every woman today.

Where: Akshara Theatrte

When: Till 24 July


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