Celebration of Sikhism

Kapil Dev and Dubai-based entrepreneur Ajay Sethi have come out with a coffee table book on 100 gurudwaras around the world

It all started when Kapil Dev visited a gurudwara in Pakistan. He was so moved by the experience that he decided to feature gurudwaras from all corners of the world in one publication.

We The Sikhs features never-seen-before pictures and original paintings of 100 gurudwaras across the globe. It also celebrates Sikhism as the book is divided into three sections — The Gurus, History and Artefacts, and Gurudwaras.

A few months ago, India’s former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh unveiled We The Sikhs at Sultanpur Lodhi in Punjab.

Talking about his experience promoting the book in the US, Kapil Dev said, “It was wonderful. These people who left home 30-40 years ago, I think are in touch with Wahe Guru more than we can expect from the world. We have wonderful people here, they have so much emotion, so much passion, it’s even difficult to explain in words.”

Speaking about Ajay Sethi, Kapil Dev said, “Sometimes dreams come to your head, impossible dreams. But if you have great friends who are ready to support you that really helps”. Sethi is an entrepreneur and a passionate patron of the arts, antiques and sports.

The duo is promoting the book in Fremont, San Diego and Phoenix; later, the tour will move to the East Coast of the US, followed by Toronto in Canada and then finally to London.                   n

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