Orchids of the Orient

From traditional Thai curry with jasmine rice to ducks, Ni Hao at Radisson, Noida offers a peaceful and relaxing dining experience

Soft music, subtle lighting, private corners and glass kitchen—Ni Hao is quite the discreet place to enjoy some ‘just us’ time. The name means ‘You good’ or simple ‘Hello’ in Mandarin.  As you take a seat, look around to see the Chinese symbols in pastel shades of lavender on white backgrounds. The soothing ambience gives that relaxing feel and the service- with-a-smile adds to the experience.

The 50-seater has handmade bamboo chairs, tea sets line on one wall and liquor graces another corner. There are different kinds of seating. In fact, those who come with larger groups can opt for the centre table, which is huge. There are partitioned seating corners also. The lamps are worth an Insta post. Should you choose to sit by the window, then dinner is the right time for the city lights brighten up the night beautifully.

An extensive menu catering to all kinds of palates, the flavours suit the north Indian palate. While waiting for the starters, we checked out the liquor shelf which also held a variety of wines. Apparently, the kitchen equipments such as duck roasting machine and dimsum steamer have been imported to get the dish just perfect.

Orchids have a classy feel. Besides gracing a vase, they are also painted on the crockery. The steamed dimsums are good for starters. Stuffed with broccoli and water chestnuts, these greens are a healthy choice. Another mouth-watering dish is the corn and cheese spring roll. It goes with just about every drink, even soft drinks. For non-vegetarians, chicken dumplings and prawns are a good option.

Well, there is a lot to choose from for the main course but my vote goes for the traditional Thai curry. This is simply perfect with jasmine rice. The greens are well blended in the coconut milk – added to the steamed rice, this just makes for a happy blend of flavours.

Another must-try dish here is cottage cheese with black bean sauce. The well-made sauce just coats the cheese beautifully and the bites slide down the throat like pieces of silk. Savour this one slowly. There are chicken and sea-food curries, including duck, but the vegetarian is equally good.

Be sure to end the meal with fried ice-cream for it comes with a chocolate stick and an edible crispy rice cup. The flower-shaped cup is so perfectly crafted that you don’t feel like bitting it. Luckily, the ice cream doesn’t melt fast. We also dug into a scoop of litchi ice cream which came with a mint leaf.

All in all, a good place to dine with someone special and have a relaxing conversation. You also get to take a bite of fortune with you, as the fortune cookie box has some surprises in store.

Price: Rs 3,000 (for two people)

Address: Radisson Noida, Plot no 2, C-Block, Sector 55, Noida           

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