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A seemingly bored black-faced langur, or monkey, sits in a sunny corner of its cave examining its long tail.

The langur was basking in the moderately warm heat that the capital receives with the onset of summers. It looked puzzled, surprised to have found a part of its body hanging out there, or perhaps too dull and lethargic to care.

The National Zoological Park, simply known as Delhi Zoo, was closed to the public for several months following the Covid lockdown guidelines. When it finally opened up in the first week of March, it received a large influx of visitors – all eager and excited to see the residents of the zoo.

The Asiatic lion was missing so the white tiger, peacocks and monkeys offered compensation of sorts. However, the monkeys looked particularly disinterested in any sort of interaction. They seemed to enjoy the solitude while they sat at a distance from the crowd, as if introspecting and hardly paying any heed to the visitors and the food that some were offering.

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