Ethnic chic

- October 19, 2022

Every winter, NATURE BAZAAR under the Dastakaar banner affiliated with Delhi tourism organises the festival of lights mela from 7-19 October. This is where you find unique handicrafts from different states

COLOURFUL GATEWAYS: The entrance of Gali-E-Khaas that has stalls for organic products. (All photos: Faisal Malik)

NATURE BAZAAR is organized in three concentric circles, one inside the other. This is where shoppers who believe in supporting traditional craftspersons go to browse for ethnic products from Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bengal, Delhi, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Bihar. Not to forget Afghanistan, which always has its own special niche.

Dastkar craftsmen and women from across the country bring in unique designs here.

Apart from a range of garments, it’s a good place to pick up Madhubani paintings, Kashmiri handicrafts, ceramic pottery, silk saris, organic foodstuff, copper bells and brassware – which is just an indicative list.

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“Every artist, as we know, tends to have their own unique way of finding inspiration and then using it to create their art,” says Diti Mistry, one of the craft stalls owner. “I get inspired from the tribes of India, places I travelled to, my experiences and personalities I look up to. All the collections I create are handcrafted, my intention is that you wear art, you collect art and you use art in your day-to-day life”.

Many of his products were on OTT shows. “You could spot the bulls made by me in the Netflix series such as Hash Hash, Ishq Vishq and more. A couple of crochet designs were worn by famous personalities like Twinkle Khanna. It always makes me happy.”

Walk around Nature Bazaar are students too. When Patriot spoke to them, they said, “We are here to revive the old culture of India, trying to help those artists who are currently struggling to survive due to a lack of demand. This art is swiftly dying in silence.”

Standing out among the crowded stalls is Gora craft from Mahoba district in Uttar Pradesh. The stone is radiant white, which makes it more attractive than other stoneware. Then there is Usta craft from Bikaner: Naqqashi and Manoti art from Rajasthan. About 30 artisans are based in
Bikaner’s Ustukkah Mohalla, who are promoted by Dastkaar.

And of course there is ethnic chic: Studio pottery with just a touch of cane, light shawls that don’t look like you’re going to be on the night watch, statement jewellery that can be worn in the city. This is where you also get plants and planters, scarves and yardage. There are homemade jams and pickles and organic cotton fabrics.

IMPORTED LUXURIES: A shop that sells Afghan mattresses and rugs with beautiful patterns

FESTIVE SPREE: The entrance of Nature Bazaar organised by NGO Dastkaar

ethnic chic
COLOURFUL GATEWAYS: The entrance of Gali-E-Khaas that has stalls for organic products. 

TRIBAL TOUCH: Many of Diti Mistry products have appeared in OTT shows and worn by famous personalities

CARVED OUT: Gora stone and Usta golden art by craftsmen of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan

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