Under the blue skies

- April 12, 2019
| By : Shubham Bhatia |

Sex is not just a physical act that involves making love. Fantasies and imagination add value and break the routine Saurabh, a student, was comfortably chilling on the terrace of his friend’s restaurant in Chennai. While enjoying the view, taking drags of a cigarette, little did he know that this chilling session will lead to […]

Sex is not just a physical act that involves making love. Fantasies and imagination add value and break the routine

Saurabh, a student, was comfortably chilling on the terrace of his friend’s restaurant in Chennai. While enjoying the view, taking drags of a cigarette, little did he know that this chilling session will lead to a steamy one.

His friend, the restaurant owner, was too comfortable with him. There was one thing common between the weather in Chennai that day and the sexual tension between them — the heat.

Things escalated pretty quickly, and soon they were lost in each other, kissing passionately.

Saurabh was in a state of euphoria, as the session ended and he reached  normalcy. Because the things which happened before this, were as surprising and new for him, as the culture of the city.

“I couldn’t stop smiling, it was so thrilling,” he recalls his mood after the steamy session which both of them enjoyed.

It was because of this session which happened out of the blue, that Saurabh developed a thing for — ‘outdoor fun.’ It became a major kink for him, as other events in his life unfolded.

A kink — also known as “fetish” — is a sexual practice away from the ordinary. It stays a closely guarded secret until the right partner comes along. It is wholly different from the personality seen in the workplace. Such is the tapestry of the world of fetishes that one cannot guess what turns someone on just by looking at the person.

Different people work differently. A compatible sexual partner, who is also inclined to the same fetish, is a rare find. Saurabh was lucky here, he found a military man, who was at that time in Chennai.

The two met on gay dating app — Grindr. And after exchanging texts on the platform, they decided to catch up “post work.” Saurabh reached the destination with “nothing in mind.”

The person arrived in his car and they drove off to ECR (East Coast Road), a highway in Chennai. Very organically, the two started having a conversation, as Saurabh’s hands were busy rolling a joint.

Even though the highway usually experiences heavy traffic during weekends, it was quite desolate that day. With the beautiful sea of Chennai on one side and lavish beach houses on the other, the two drove quite a distance until they found a cozy spot, in order to respect the sexual tension, which by now had reached its height.

They parked the car to smoke a joint. “Of course, we were horny and what followed later was one of the best sexual encounters I have ever had,” says Saurabh.

The two got high, reached the seashore, and under the clear sky, with only stars as the onlookers , started making love. Both were deeply engrossed in each other. It was clearly working for both of them as they shared a common kink.

This didn’t end here, the two decided to meet again to do the same rounds of fun — out in the open.

Since the man Saurabh was with was married, having sex in a bedroom was a bit of a problem. Being a student, Saurabh too could not host him.

However, that was not a problem for them as both were pretty comfortable with the idea of doing it in the open, once again. Many such instances followed, where they would drive on the same highway, look for an isolated spot and take off their clothes to find each other rolling on the bed of beach sand.

Saurabh would always keep an eye on the road, thinking, “Anyone could walk in on us any moment but we would just get away each time.”

Until one night, when a police jeep reached the spot and ‘disturbed’ the two, as they were in the act.

Saurabh was numb by now, but the other guy made use of the privilege of being a military official. He flashed his card to the police, and “got out of that situation and this became our thing.”

He says that he and the guy never “bothered renting a room as the beach was our place.”

Just like Saurabh, there are many-many people out there, who have a kink that excites them, and they indulge in it, regardless of the repercussions.

While not everyone is as daring as they proved to be, Parth Gupta, a software engineer who works in Gurugram, has a kink, which he says, “would not fit in his usual lifestyle.”

Although he hasn’t got the chance to explore the kink at its best till now, he has “reached close to it.”

If one would look at Gupta sitting in his posh office in a business park in Gurugram, hardly anyone would be able to relate Gupta with his kink of making love with a rustic partner.

“It’s been one of my kinks since a very long time now. I’m a big fan of Indian porn. I developed a strong urge of having sex with a person who hails from a village,” Gupta says.

On being asked as to how close he reached to experiencing the kink, he says, “I have had sex with people from the Jat and Gurjar community. I find them really hot. Their physique and their sexual energy is very raw and real. It’s not something which is conditioned by the norms of the society. They practice their sexual energy in its purest form,” explains Gupta.

He recalls the day when he invited a gym trainer to his posh penthouse in the DLF area. “I could not take my eyes off him as he continued gazing at the artworks, while walking into the living room,” he adds.

“What made it more special was that he came straight from the gym and he was wearing gym wear, which is a huge turn-on for me any day,” Gupta says.

Gupta says that he has a huge fetish for men in gym wear. “There’s something very raw about gym wear, since I am into jocks (guys who are too much into sports), I love it when I meet one,” he adds.

Coming back to the guy who was at Gupta’s home, he says, “He was very nonchalant, but he was also giving me a signal to steam up things.”

So, the two did — and Gupta calls it his “best experience till now.” Gupta had a surprise for the other guy — “I had bought a lungi and a short kurta online.”

Gupta wanted him to wear those clothes. He also says that the guy could not make much of what was happening, “but he agreed to wear.” What followed afterwards was a kink in full force, engulfing the bedroom in layers of hotness, and Gupta “enjoyed every bit of it.”

Today, Gupta imagines himself — “lying on a haystack in a village and having sex with a guy from the same village.” The site is different from what he usually sees from the window — the ultra-modern buildings of the business park.

He cannot fathom out as to how he developed this kink, but he aims to practise it throughout his life. “I really want to visit a village someday and stay there for a few days. Who knows, I might end up meeting someone who can fulfil my kink. For him it may be a regular affair, but for me, it’s my kink and it’s hot,” he concludes.