Young brains in Delhi’s drug market

- September 10, 2022
| By : Ali Fraz Rezvi |

Seven people have been arrested by the Delhi Police Crime Branch in three different operations under the charges of smuggling high level drugs in Delhi. The accused people are mostly students and young college dropouts.

The drug network was well planned as there were no direct contacts among the consumers, customers and the smugglers. (Representational photo: Unsplash)

The Delhi police have recovered over 28 blotting papers of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), 12.6 gm of MDMA (a synthetic drug), 84 gm of marijuana, and 220 gm of hashish in three separate raids.

A police official told Patriot that the accused were using darknet to source marijuana and drugs from Russia, Canada and other nations. “The drugs were brought inside the Indian territory through the Indo-Nepal and Bangladesh borders,” police said.

The drug network was well planned as there were no direct contacts among the consumers, customers and the smugglers. “Online delivery apps were being used along with other private messaging apps and online calls were used to communicate,” said a police official.

Through the information that has been revealed in the interrogation, the youngsters were the first in the line of consumers. Students in schools and colleges were their prime customers, who were later turned into dealers to smuggle drugs into the institutional campuses.

The police revealed that in the first operation, a 22-year-old MBA student from Delhi’s Wazirabad Road was detained with marijuana that had been carefully curated. Details of his drug supplier, who was caught in Chattarpur, were made known during his interrogation. The supplier was a BBA graduate.

According to DCP (Crime Branch) KPS Malhotra, “The gangs stated that they use youngsters as their main consumers. On their campuses, college students are initially drawn into drug addiction, and when they need money, they are persuaded to sell drugs.”

In the second operation, a tip-off led to the arrest of a 28-year-old IIM dropout from Kirti Nagar. The individual was found in custody with 12.06 grams of MDMA and 28 LSD blotting papers, disclosed Malhotra, DCP of the Crime Branch.

Others arrested in the above mentioned operations include a fashion designer, and two other people with 220 grams of Malana cream in possession. The both were earlier arrested under the NDPS Act in April in Himachal Pradesh and were presently out on bail.

The police have revealed that the drug rackets are deep rooted among the students. The chain that has been traced through these raids and arrests have cleared that many students of Delhi’s prestigious universities and colleges are involved in curating and smuggling drugs.

The gangs have used a lot of students and youngsters in spreading their racket across Delhi. “We are searching for other young people in their contacts as well, who continue to smuggle drugs in different areas of Delhi”, stated a police official.

The Delhi police is investigating the role of foreign elements as well in order to find out the other links of these smugglers in and outside Delhi, as there are chances of a few Israili nationals, settled in Goa in the drug supply.

DCP Malhotra has also released an advisory-cum-warning. “We urge people to abstain from drug use. If the amount of drugs found is minor and the individual wants to get better, they may not be prosecuted. However, the severity of the punishment rises as more drugs are seized. Even 0.1 grams of LSD are regarded as commercial quantities, and the user can be arrested under parts of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act that do not allow for bail”, stated the DCP.