Patriot Bureau -July 16, 2022

The Delhi High Court has rejected a request by an unmarried woman to have an abortion at 23 weeks, stating that the law prohibits such procedures after 20 weeks for pregnancies resulting from consensual relationships


Jayali Wavhal -July 12, 2022

While India has its abortion laws in place, they do not guarantee a woman’s autonomy on her body, and neither do they guarantee a safe, smooth procedure for getting an abortion. With unsafe abortions being the third leading cause of maternal mortality in India, how safe is it to get an abortion in Delhi?


Kushagra Kar -June 14, 2018

The channel equated abortion with murder and propagated dangerous messages On June 6, an advertorial printed in The Times of India ran with the headline, “Mother asked to kill her own child”. The ad was for an episode of a show on Sony TV called Zindagi Ke Crossroads and covered a fourth of the front […]