Horror films

-November 2, 2020

Kaali Kuhi, starring Shabana Azmi, tells the tale of an insidious age-old practice through paranormal lens An ancient well situated amidst a village holds horrors of the past. When dug open, by mistake, the haunting begins. This, to summarise, is what Terrie Samundra’s Kaali Kuhi’s(The Black Well)  prelude tell us. As the story proceeds, we […]


-October 27, 2020

Bollywood, in the last decade, has proved its worth in the horror genre. Here’s how Hideous prosthetics. Poor animation. Deafening background score. Creepy creatures. These are often used to describe the horror films Bollywood made before the 2000s – helmed mostly by the Ramsay brothers. But then came Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot (2003), and the […]