Lack of hygiene

-March 15, 2022

Right behind the WHO office, an unhygienic slum mocks at the lofty ideals the international body promotes, and makes a mockery of the Delhi Master Plan, the municipal authorities’ alertness and the boasts of slum redevelopment


-February 25, 2022

As the national capital readies itself for summer, Asia’s largest vegetable and fruit market – Azadpur mandi battles a water crisis with the lack of clean drinking water and hygienic toilets. In his sixties, Ratipal is doing arduous labour to earn a livelihood. His primary work is to load and unload trucks in Asia’s largest […]


-July 12, 2018

Lack of hygiene and scarcity of public toilets in Delhi make it difficult for women to answer the call of nature in public places If you are looking for a public toilet in Delhi, locating them now is easy thanks to government’s toilet locators on google maps. However, chances are that you will have to […]