-November 21, 2022

Patients from across the country visit AIIMS for treatment. But many of them are forced to live and sleep under open skies on the pavement outside the hospital since they cannot afford rooms inside the premier medical facility or rent out private space


-March 8, 2022

Though the average man on the street is hoping against hope that the pandemic is over,  the medical fraternity and government authorities are planning how to counter the fourth wave of Covid-19. One prediction says it will strike around 22 June and end on 24 October


-March 30, 2018

How much is too much treatment? Sometimes you have to decide for yourself, based on what you’ve read or the experiences of other patients More people are killed by chemotherapy than by cancer, says a recent news report. Well, it may be a typical media simplification of a carefully worded scientific report. But it is […]