-September 3, 2022

In just two weeks, three video went viral where foreigners can be seen hurling racist slurs at Indians and asking them to go back to India


-November 16, 2020

Tarun Jain’s Kaala, a film on racism, makes its way to the Oscars. The filmmaker gives an insight into the ideation, research and filming process A young boy from Nigeria, Bryan, moves to Delhi to pursue his education – just like any other student. Unaware of the danger looming overhead, he goes about exploring life […]


-March 30, 2018

Anti-racism campaigners want FIFA to investigate the abuse of French players, including Paul Pogba, by Russian fans. Monkey chants could be heard from the crowd in St. Petersburg on Tuesday when black French players touched the ball in a friendly against Russia. The abuse was also audible on a TV broadcast after Pogba scored France’s […]