‘Go back home’: Indians face extreme racist slurs; 3rd case in 10 days

- September 3, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

In just two weeks, three video went viral where foreigners can be seen hurling racist slurs at Indians and asking them to go back to India

Screengarb of a recently viral video of an American man hurling racist comments in Poland

In a span of less than two weeks, three incidents of racial attacks against Indians abroad have been reported. In the viral visuals, Indians can be seen at the receiving end of racist slurs. The latest such incident was reported from Poland where an Indian man was branded as a “parasite” and a “genocider” by an American tourist.

In the undated video that targets an Indian man — whose identity has not yet been established — the assailant, who identifies as American and follows behind him hurling racial epithets, became popular on social media.

In the video, the Indian, who can be seen going close to a mall and telling the American to stop filming him, is continuously questioned by the American about why he is in Europe.

This comes after two day when a video of a similar attack went viral on 1 September, 2022.

Krishnan Jayaraman, an Indian-American man, was verbally assaulted by Singh Tejinder, 37, on August 21 in the Taco Bell on Grimmer Boulevard in Fremont, California. In the video, which was recorded by Jayaram, the attacker can be seen hurling racial abuse and telling Jayaram that he is a “disgusting dog” who “looks nasty” and shouldn’t “come out in public like this again.”

Tajinder was charged on 29 August with a hate crime in violation of civil rights, assault and disturbing the peace by offensive language, according to the Fremont Police Department. He was listed as “Asian/India” in the chargesheet.

On 28 August, Texas police arrested a woman who they said shouted racial abuse at four Indian women in a video. The video went viral and got millions of views. In the video, Esmeralda Upton, who claimed to be Mexican-American, can be seen hurling racial epithets on four Indian women and asking them to “go back to India.”

Upton was arrested on one charge of “assault bodily injury” and one charge of “terroristic threats.”


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