senior citizens

-February 6, 2024

In the bustling cityscape of Delhi, elderly residents find solace in a newfound haven, fostering camaraderie, activities, and vital support for combating loneliness and enhancing well-being


-June 21, 2018

A number of senior citizens don’t believe that retirement is an option. And keep working tirelessly to give back to society Vimla Kaul, 83, has been tirelessly working towards educating under-privileged children. Her school-cum-learning centre Guldasta at Madanpur Khadar is where she is providing education, free of cost, for 23 years. She shares with us […]


-April 26, 2018

WITH THE DELHI GOVERNMENT LOOKING TO INTRODUCE A COMMISSION FOR SENIOR CITIZENS, IT MUST REMEMBER THE BASICS OF HOME, SECURITY, and LEGAL AID Senior citizens of Delhi will soon have a commission which will ensure, or at least look into their welfare and safety. The draft ‘Delhi commission for Senior Citizens bill, 2017’ in its […]