-May 6, 2022

The minars (towers) of medieval Delhi still dominate the skyline of the capital. Half a century ago, they were much sought after as they offered a bird’s eye view of the city to both tourists and the capital’s citizens. But now they are closed to the public. Patriot uncovers the stories behind their closure 


-April 18, 2022

Jama Masjid receives at least 500 visitors every Friday to offer prayers and have iftar in the open area during Ramzan. Patriot visits the iconic site to capture some festive moments of one such evening.


-February 23, 2022

A paradise for foodies, shoppers and heritage lovers – walking through the walled city’s redeveloped grand road is like opening a treasure box   The redevelopment of Chandni Chowk is the talk of the town. That is reason enough to visit this chaotic, mesmerizing bazaar in the walled city. But, the crowd, heat and dust […]