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Traditional art

What: Celebrating India’s rich art heritage, Gallery Ragini, in association with Ambassador, New Delhi – IHCL SeleQtions, presents ‘Colloquial’ – an exhibition of India’s choicest traditional art forms curated and presented by Nidhi Jain. The occasion also celebrates the glory of Lutyens’ Delhi, raising a toast to the legacy and heritage of the iconic hotel nestled in Sujan Singh Park. Colloquial brings together five traditional art forms – Gond, Pichwai, Kalamkari, Pattachitra and Madhubani – through the works of seven revered artists. Dhavat Singh, the Gond artist, regales us with folk-lore, tribal myths and views on contemporary issues in his narrative. Dhavat belongs to the Jangarh family, a celebrated name in Gond artistry; he takes forward this tradition and makes it more relevant in contemporary times. Apart from the physical exhibition, it will be available  simultaneously at the online art luxury platform

When: March 21 – May 10 (11am – 8pm)

Where: Ambassador, New Delhi


Chaat fest

What: With a new Food Festival, Pirates of Grill takes a tour down the streets of India, and brings to you famous chaats like Lawrence Road Vale Paaji Ki Tikki from Punjab, Bhavnagar ki khatti challi chaat from Gujarat, Chowringhee lane Chenna Bhalla from Kolkata, Kerala Dal Vadam from Kerala etc. Called ‘Chaat-o-Logy’, their innovative food offerings at unbeatable prices, is set to make the hungry masses drool, making it a runaway success. Pirates of Grill also brings you a wide variety of staples including international kebab delicacies, Asian delicacies and make your own bar-be-que at the table itself.

Where: Pirates of Grill, MGF Mega City Mall


Celebrating Easter

What: To celebrate Easter 2021, L’Opéra has launched a selection of white, dark and milk chocolates in playful shapes and colours. Rabbits and eggs are known to be an ancient symbol of fertility and new life and have also been associated with pagan festivals celebrating the advent of spring. Decorating eggs for Easter has been a tradition that dates back to at least the 13th Century. Chocolate lovers will have plenty to celebrate this Easter with L’Opéra’s bunnies, eggs and family compositions of roosters “Fête en famille” made of white, milk and dark chocolate options. The colourful shapes make for a great celebration, ushering in the summer season. The delicacies are made with the finest quality Belgian chocolates.

Where: Available at all L’Opera outlets

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