Flavours from Mamagoto now at a new address 

Dimsums with 1990’s Chilli Chicken

A moment to rejoice for the food lovers in West Delhi as Mamagoto opens its new outlet in Pacific Mall

For any pan Asian enthusiast in the city, Mamagoto is a no brainer – go to option for some years now. The brand with several outlets has found a new address in West Delhi’s Pacific Mall. 

The thing with such popular brands is that you can’t help but compare them with other outlets under the same name. This recently opened one with its quirky interiors, good service and varied menu has a touch of familiarity, but the food was a little inconsistent in terms of taste when compared to its fellow branches. 

There is a burst of colours in their funky, energetic manga themed décor that keeps you engaged as you wait for your food. The vibe is lively, with Korean and Japanese songs playing in the background. 

Interior of Mamagoto

Having a varied menu, we asked the chef to get us his recommendations. We started off with Ebi Tempura from their sushi menu. The prawns were fresh and crispy and one can go for it without much thought. 

This was followed by their dimsums. One thing to note about their menu is that they offer a very balanced choice for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We tried two of each. One can go for an option of either four or six pieces.

The Pok Choi Wrapped Chicken dimsum was refreshing. If you like your dimsums to be simple, this one will be a good choice. The Rainbow Chicken dimsum too turned out to be very plain. 

The Old School Gyoza on the other hand had a very overpowering flavour of ginger in it. (Gyoza are slight pan fried dimsums.) Somehow their vegetarian options turned out to be more flavourful. 

We ended our dimsums gorge with their Chilli Garlic and Cheese. These bring a burst of flavour in your mouth, with a good helping of cheese in the stuffing. 

Yellow River and Sangria

Before moving to the main course we were recommended to try two of their mocktails – Yellow River and Sangria. The former took us by surprise as it smelled as good as it tasted. Based on pineapple this one has a very mellow flavour to it. The Sangria tastes fruity with a strong punch of peach to it. Both helped us in washing our food down with ease. 

Next we were served their 1990’s Chilli Chicken from their Wok to Share section. Mamagoto is known for being quite generous with their portions. This one is wok tossed chicken with garlic, chilli and bell peppers. A little high on the spice quotient, it’s otherwise nothing more than your regular chilli chicken. 

However the Thai Red Curry Chicken won us over. Served with steam rice, this one had the exact right amount of flavour which was comforting. The curry was loaded with veggies and chicken and we couldn’t help reaching out for more. 

Veg Pan fried noodles and Thai Red Curry Chicken with steam rice

We also recommend the Veg Pan fried noodles in Szechuan sauce. Filled with veggies, this one was served with fried rice noodles as a topping that gave it a crunchy texture. 

Lastly we tried their signature Mama’s Spicy Ramen bowl. Served with boiled egg, corn and blanched spinach, the broth smelled good but was a little salty and wasn’t spicy either. 

However we ended things on a good note with their Caramel Sponge Cake. It’s served warm with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream. The hot and cold combination along with the toffee flavour makes it highly addictive. Its soft, not extremely sweet texture melts in your mouth and makes it a must try. 

Review done on invitation

Address: Mamagoto, Pacific Mall


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