Melding artistry with wildlife advocacy

- January 13, 2024
| By : Tahir Bhat |

Painter Sanjay Prajapati’s unwavering dedication to wildlife conservation is portrayed through the exhibition of his work at the India Habitat Centre

As visitors step into the grounds of Visual Art Gallery at the India Habitat Centre, they encounter a captivating assemblage of artworks by contemporary painter Sanjay Prajapati at the exhibition, ‘Beyond Expressions’.

Curated by Nipun Soin, this showcase transcends the ordinary, offering a profound exploration of wildlife and artist’s visionary commitment to conservation.

The exhibition, which is on till January 13, enthralls with its vivid portrayal of iconic wildlife, from magnificent Gir Lions to other endangered species, meticulously brought to life on canvases. They are rich in detail and emotion.

Prajapati’s artistic journey intertwines seamlessly with his dedication to preserving the splendour of these creatures and their habitats.

Prajapati’s artistry has gained recognition across private collections, corporate spaces, and art galleries in India. His larger-than-life depictions of iconic wildlife have found resonance not only among the public but also with notable figures in politics, entertainment, and business.

‘Beyond Expressions’ underscores Sanjay’s unwavering dedication to wildlife conservation. This comprehensive exhibition, spanning nearly a decade, sheds light on endangered species and habitats, introducing an exclusive series with spotlight on the majestic Gir Lions for the first time.

Prajapati told Patriot, “I grew up in an artistic family in Baroda, Gujarat and began painting at 13. After studying fine arts in Baroda, I ventured into poster design in Mumbai before returning in 2008 to pursue painting.”

Sanjay’s inspiration for “Beyond Expressions” stemmed from his exposure to wildlife sanctuaries at an early age.

He expressed, “The abundance of wildlife sanctuaries in my hometown and visits to various Indian parks like Jim Corbett National Park and Gir Sanctuary influenced my interest in wildlife.”

Discussing his techniques and mediums, Prajapati explained, “I employ gold foil, automotive spray, and other chemicals to enrich my work, aiming for richness.”

Reflecting on the challenges faced during the Gir Lions series, Sanjay recalled, “Adverse environmental conditions, sudden rain, and unexpected animal encounters posed difficulties during my work in Gir Sanctuary.”

The exhibition has received a positive response.

Prajapati shared, “Visitors appreciate the colour schemes, compositions, and my simple yet distinctive style.”

Interactions with attendees have been impactful for Prajapati.

“Some visitors, including a gentleman from Germany, admired my cluster-work and presentation style. Fellow artists saw echoes of renowned artists like Turner and Ramkumar in my pieces.”

Within the exhibition, certain pieces hold personal significance for Prajapati.

“A particular cluster work stands out as a significant showstopper.”


Regarding art’s role in raising environmental awareness, Prajapati emphasised, “Art serves as a popular medium to portray environmental changes, aiding better understanding and awareness.”

“Prajapati’s exhibition seamlessly merges artistic brilliance with wildlife advocacy, guiding viewers on a transformative odyssey through canvases that vividly highlight the urgency of wildlife conservation,” said curator Nipun Soin.

“Prajapati’s dedication to conservation goes beyond the confines of canvas. Having traversed the diverse landscapes of India, he draws inspiration from his passion for photography, gaining profound insights into the conservation challenges faced at local, regional, and national levels. Through his artwork, Sanjay endeavours to spark tangible change and convey a compelling message about wildlife preservation,” added the curator.