Women artists make a mark in Capital

- January 31, 2024
| By : Tahir Bhat |

The exhibition ‘VAMA’ showcased creative expressions of 37 contemporary women artists from the city

Group Picture of Artist Exhibiting at Vama

In the heart of Delhi, the artistic tapestry unfolded with the inauguration of ‘VAMA’, a curated exhibition by Sahitya Kala Parishad, the cultural wing of the Delhi Government.

The event, hosted at the AIFACS Gallery on 1, Rafi Marg, welcomed visitors on January 27 to explore the creative expressions of 37 contemporary women artists from the city.

Dipa Patowary
Timsi Gupta

While attendees immersed themselves in diverse artworks, the opening day carried a bittersweet undertone. The sudden passing of renowned artist Gogi Saroj Pal cast a shadow, leading Minister of Art and Culture, Saurabh Bharadwaj, to dedicate the festival in her memory. Pal’s profound narratives of femininity had left an indelible mark on the canvas of life.

The exhibition, which concluded on February 1, showcased a blend of established and emerging artists. Veterans like Shobha Broota, Kanchan Chander, Meena Deora, Santosh Jain, and Indu Tripathy share the spotlight with rising talents including Vandana Kumari, Bula Bhattacharya, and Timsi Gupta, each offering a unique perspective on societal issues.

Renu Jain

Hemawati Guha, reflecting on her works, said, “I explore the concept of space, including its existence in nature.”

In her painting ‘Nature XI’, she captured the sunlight traveling through the leaves and branches of a tree. In ‘Starlit Sky’, Guha depicted the night sky, resonating with diverse audiences. Guha also emphasised the slow representation of women in the art world, urging parents to encourage their daughters to pursue art.

Nusrat Jahan
Him Rajni

Standout exhibits included Bula Bhattacharya’s digital prints exploring the enigma of mental existence, and Vandana Kumari’s impactful paintings addressing issues like violence and gender disparity. Annu Gupta’s ‘Changing Matrix’ and ‘The Passing’s by’ set a thought-provoking tone, delving into the interplay between time, space, and urban life. Anita Tanwar’s ‘2 Sakhiya Namak’ and Preeti Singh’s ‘Habitat’ bring emotional depth and diverse themes to the forefront.

Hemavathy Guha, sharing her artistic philosophy, said, “My artwork is deeply rooted in the concept of daily life and the urban existence that surrounds us.”

Saloni Tondak
Avani Bakaya
Preeti Singh

She drew inspiration from the hustle and bustle of city life, capturing the contrasts within the cityscape. The aim of Guha’s creations is to offer a fresh lens for viewers to appreciate the beauty and complexity of everyday life.

Another artist based in Delhi, reflecting on the city’s identity, told Patriot, “Delhi, being a vibrant and historically rich city, holds a unique place in the art world.”

Vandana Kumari
Indu Tripathy

The artist aimed to capture the essence of Delhi’s identity, exploring its diverse culture, architectural marvels, and evolving urban landscape. The artwork delves into daily life, interactions between residents, and the city’s cultural heritage, fostering a sense of connection and pride among Delhiites.

Seema Mohaley
Vandana Kumari

Renu Jain’s ‘Intertwined with Nature’ captured the connection between life and nature, while Anju Kaushik’s artwork and Timsi Gupta’s sculptures, ‘Symphony’ and ‘Path of Life’, contribute to the overall richness of the exhibition.