Four juveniles arrested for allegedly killing a shopkeeper over a quarrel for Rs 500 soiled note

- August 20, 2022
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Four young people arrested for allegedly killing a grocery store owner over an argument that started twenty days ago

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Following an earlier quarrel over using a soiled note of Rs 500 to purchase certain things from the store in northeast Delhi’s Bhajanpura area, police said on Saturday that four young people were arrested for the suspected murder of a grocery store owner.

The murder took place on Thursday.  According to the police, they were notified at 9.15 p.m.

According to the police, Shahnawaj, the victim, was discovered unconscious and stabbed many times while laying on the floor of his store in Subhash Mohalla, Bhajanpura. When he arrived at the hospital, the medical staff pronounced him dead.

Four suspects were seen after the event suspiciously escaping on a scooter, according to police who reviewed CCTV footage of the neighbourhood.

Later, following a raid, four young juveniles, all of whom were inhabitants of Bhajanpura, were detained in Loni, Uttar Pradesh, not far from the Bhopura Border. They had a scooter and a knife, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northeast), Sanjay Kumar Sain.

The defendants admitted that they intended to intimidate the villagers in order to become famous in the criminal underworld. At gunpoint, they stole a scooter from Shani Bazar Road in Bhajanpura on Wednesday, according to the police.

They got into a fight with the grocery store owner about 20 days ago after paying with a dirty note for Rs 500 after buying some things from his business. Police claimed that the accused had threatened him as well and that they had attacked Shahnawaj on Thursday to “teach him a lesson.”


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