Tenant kills landlord in Mangolpuri area over an argument, takes selfie with body

- August 20, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

In the Mangolpuri area of northwest Delhi, a tenant allegedly killed his landlord after an argument, took a photo with the body, and escaped with the victim's possessions, police said on Saturday

The girl resides with her family at a high-rise society in sector 65, it was reported. (Representational Image)

Pankaj Kumar Sahni, the 25-year-old suspect, is a native of the Samastipur area of Bihar. To avoid being arrested, Sahni used the metro and boarded a train from New Delhi for Rohtak in Haryana. After being tracked for around 250 kilometres, he was eventually located in the Mangolpuri Industrial area and detained, according to a senior police official.

On August 10, police responded to a call about the murder at 6:41 am and arrived at the scene. They discovered a man who was unconscious and was bleeding from the head.

The caller, Jagdish, 32, claimed that he lives on the ground floor of his house and his father Suresh’s room was on the first floor of their Mangolpuri home.

According to Jagdish, his father came along with Sahni four days ago, introduced him as an orphan and expressed the desire that the second floor be rented out to him.

According to the police, they permitted Sahni to stay at their home.

On the evening of August 9, Sahni made his way back to the residence while intoxicated. He and Suresh also got into a disagreement. The officer claimed that once Sahni apologised to Suresh and Jagdish, the situation was resolved.

In the early hours of August 10, Sahni called Jagdish to let him know that he had left their home about 11 pm because Suresh had used profane language and indecent comments against him, which he could not stand. Then Sahni started laughing, the officer reported.

Jagdish hurried to the first floor after noticing something strange and odd, where he discovered his father unconscious and bleeding from a head wound, according to the police.

Sahni revealed that his wife had also left him and that he is an alcoholic. He arrived in Mangolpuri a few days ago in quest of employment and met Suresh, according to the police, who not only assisted him in finding employment but also allowed him to remain at his home.

On August 9, he arrived at the residence early, which enraged Suresh, who yelled at him and asked him to leave. According to investigators, Sahni had a hatred against Suresh.

However, after the tenant expressed regret, Suresh agreed to let him stay at the property. They both drank alcohol later in the evening, and Suresh dozed out. According to the DCP, the accused struck Suresh’s skull with a hammer.

He looked through the body, took his landlord’s documents, cash, and mobile phone before fleeing, according to the authorities. They also said that they had found the murder weapon, the victim’s phone, and other items.


(With inputs from PTI)


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