Majority of rape victims in Delhi between 18 and 30 age group: Report

- December 9, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

The Directorate of Economics and Statistics in its report stated that in 2021, of a total of 1,251 rape victims in Delhi, the most, at 905, were in the age bracket 18-30, followed by 328 in the 30-45 age group

The girl had been residing with Khakha and his family at their residence since her father's passing on October 1, 2020.

In Delhi during 2021, a state government report released on Friday revealed that the largest proportion, approximately 72%, of female rape victims fell within the 18-30 age group, accounting for 905 out of the total 1,251 reported cases. The second-highest number of victims, 328, belonged to the 30-45 age bracket.

Similar trends were observed nationally, where the highest count of rape victims—20,065—came from the 18-30 age group, followed by 7,627 victims in the 30-45 age range. The report documented a total of 31,878 rape victims across the country in 2021.

The report also highlighted a higher number of male suicide victims than females. In Delhi, out of 2,840 suicide victims in 2021, 2,093 were men and 746 were women. In 2020, 2,247 men and 895 women were reported as victims of suicide.

Data from 2017 to 2021 indicated that unemployed and married men were more susceptible to suicide, while housewives constituted the highest demographic among women victims.

Regarding crimes against women, a total of 73,715 cases went to trial in 2021. Out of these, 274 cases resulted in conviction, and 355 ended in acquittal. In 2020, 65,437 cases went to trial, with 403 resulting in conviction and 388 in acquittal. (With inputs from PTI)