SIA employee killed by colleague as he asks to return Rs 9 lakh he lent

- September 20, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Tensions escalated when the victim insisted on the repayment of the loan and criticized the accused for extravagant spending on his girlfriend

Delhi police (Representational photo)

A 24-year-old individual has been apprehended on charges of committing a homicide involving his co-worker at the Survey of India organization. The incident occurred in the RK Puram area of southwest Delhi.

The suspect has been identified as Anish, a resident of RK Puram Sector-2.

The victim, Mahesh, was employed at the Survey of India office located in the Defence Officers Complex in Sarojini Nagar.

According to law enforcement authorities, the motive behind this tragic incident revolved around a financial dispute. Allegedly, Mahesh had lent Anish a substantial sum of Rs 9 lakh. Tensions escalated when Mahesh insisted on the repayment of the loan and criticized Anish for extravagant spending on his girlfriend.

The series of events began to unravel on August 29 when the RK Puram Police Station received a distress call from Mahesh’s brother, Anesh. Anesh reported that his sibling had gone missing. He recounted that Mahesh had left their residence on August 28, approximately around 12:30 PM, informing his wife that he was going to meet his colleague, Anish, at RK Puram Sector 2. However, Mahesh never returned home, as confirmed by the senior police officer.

Manesh, Mahesh’s brother, and his sister-in-law subsequently contacted Anish to inquire about Mahesh’s whereabouts. Anish claimed to have met Mahesh at his residence but asserted that Mahesh had departed for his own home shortly thereafter. He even pledged his assistance in the family’s search for Mahesh.

As the investigation unfolded, it was determined that Mahesh’s last known location was in Faridabad, Haryana. Law enforcement officers conducted inquiries in the area but found no evidence of Mahesh’s presence there.

During their interrogation, the authorities questioned several potential suspects, including Anish. It was during this questioning that Anish admitted to the murder of Mahesh, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (southwest) Manoj C.

Anish confessed that Mahesh had been relentlessly pressuring him for the loan repayment and had subjected him to humiliation. Feeling cornered, Anish decided to take a drastic step.

On the day Mahesh went missing, he had received a call from Anish, who had invited him to his residence in RK Puram. Tragically, when Mahesh arrived, Anish committed the heinous act, subsequently burying Mahesh’s body near his own house where sewer construction was underway.

As a result of Anish’s confession, the police were able to recover Mahesh’s remains near Anish’s residence. Additionally, they seized a substantial sum of Rs 5 lakh in cash, two vehicles utilized in the commission of the crime, and the murder weapon from Anish’s possession.

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