A leaf out of French gardens

- August 25, 2022
| By : Judith Mariya Antony |

Luxury furniture brand ‘Logam’ introduces their latest planter collection - La Jardiniere - ahead of the festive season, inspired by the French gardens.

The Noir planter with a sculptural footed base exhibits the floor plants in style. (Photo: sourced)

Showcasing the simplicity and details of each piece, Logam’s collection can be treasured forever. It focuses on modern home decor by giving it a regal efflorescent touch using various plant pots with intricate gold finishes. They are designed to provide flair and fill empty spaces in any home.

The planters can be used to arrange our favourite plants – fake or real, or herbs surrounded with a delicate touch of modern elegance. Each planter has a contrasting spherical metal pot within and is elevated on a metal frame.

Besides the boldness and durability that can stand apart as a centre piece, its unique versatility suits every kind of home.

In 2018, Aashima Rajpal and Chitvan Agarwal introduced Logam. Since then, the locally produced company has been using a distinctive and original language to decorate living spaces.

Another feature about the collection is that contemporary gold and textured black finish create a relaxed look that will go with many different types of decors.

Talking about the inspiration behind the new collection Rajpal says, “It is inspired by the French gardens, based on symmetry and the principle of imposing order – we’ve designed a collection in varying shapes and sizes to ensure the perfect pairing with your treasured plant.”

The collection highlights Vera Planter is designed to showcase lush vegetation. This gold planter is large enough to be used as a floor planter and features a deep, cylindrical top and a cone-shaped base. This planter, which comes in two sizes, is ideal for adding new heights and forms to your interior design.

The Noir planter with a sculptural footed base exhibits the floor plants in style. The metallic texture and antique brass finish of the Jules planter gives out a grandeur vibe.

For indoor vegetation, the metallic texture along the traditional footed pot glistens brilliantly. This metal planter is a wonderful way to decorate your living area in a striking fashion. Any decor or centrepiece setting gets the ideal contemporary touch from the brass-tone finish.

Rajpal further says that this planter collection is handcrafted in India to bring nature into your homes, gracing your space to make it feel unique.

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