Delhi cop injured due to Chinese manja

- August 17, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

On August 8, the court said that more than 284 cases had been registered in the last six months in this regard and the police must take steps to restrain sales of Chinese manjha

Delhi police (Representational photo)

A constable sustained injuries on his neck and left hand from a Chinese manja while travelling on his scooter, the police said on Wednesday.

A circulating video on social media shows the constable discussing the injuries he sustained due to Chinese manjha, revealing the cuts on his uniform caused by the incident.

In the video, the head constable emphasizes that his uniform played a role in protecting him from worse harm and urges the public to abstain from purchasing Chinese manjha. He encourages individuals to alert the police if they come across anyone selling Chinese manjha in their vicinity.

According to police sources, the constable, named Ram Bharosi, encountered the mishap while commuting from RK Puram police station around 9 am on a Tuesday. His motorcycle became entangled in a kite string, resulting in cuts on his neck and left hand.

Authorities are presently in the process of verifying the details of the incident, including its precise location and the type of string responsible for the injuries.

The noose around Delhiites’ necks

This incident highlights the dangers associated with Chinese manjha. In a similar incident from the previous month, a seven-year-old girl lost her life when a stray Chinese manjha reportedly slit her throat while she was riding on a motorcycle with her father in Paschim Vihar, west Delhi.

Chinese manjha has been a cause for concern, prompting action. In 2017, the National Green Tribunal prohibited the use of Chinese manjha in the national capital due to its hazardous nature. More recently, in February, the Delhi High Court directed the city police’s Crime Branch to investigate the manufacturing, sale, purchase, and storage of Chinese synthetic manjha within the markets and shops of Delhi. (With inputs from PTI)