Delhi floods: Regulator that led to flooding at ITO to be fixed in next 3-4 hours, says Kejriwal

- July 14, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

A drain regulator breach has flooded Delhi's busiest traffic intersection, causing major inconvenience for daily commuters

The Indraprastha water regulator, responsible for controlling the flow of the Yamuna river, was breached on Thursday evening, leading to the inundation of several areas in the city. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, accompanied by Delhi LG VK Saxena, visited the site to inspect the repair work currently underway.

According to Chief Minister Kejriwal, the breach occurred due to the exceptionally strong flow of the Yamuna river, which resulted in water entering the city. The affected areas, particularly around ITO and Rajghat, experienced significant flooding. However, Kejriwal assured the public that repair efforts have been underway since last night and are expected to be completed within the next three to four hours.

“The regulator was breached due to the strong flow of the Yamuna, leading to water entering the city. Our dedicated workers have been tirelessly involved in the repair work, and we anticipate its completion in the next three to four hours,” Chief Minister Kejriwal said.

“Thankfully, the water level of the Yamuna river has begun to recede, providing some respite to the affected residents,” Kejriwal said. Chief Minister Kejriwal expressed optimism that relief will soon reach the affected areas.

Furthermore, the chief minister said that flooding of Rajghat was due to backflow of a drain in the area.

The situation worsened when floodwaters from the overflowing Yamuna river reached the entrance of the Supreme Court located in Central Delhi.

In response to the grave situation, Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal, along with Revenue Minister Atishi, directed the chief secretary to seek assistance from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and the Indian Army to prevent further flooding in the city. Kejriwal believes that involving the Army and NDRF will expedite the repair work and mitigate the damage caused by the breached regulator.

The breach of the Indraprastha water regulator and subsequent flooding have brought significant challenges to Delhi. The government’s swift response and collaborative efforts aim to restore normalcy as quickly as possible and ensure the safety and well-being of the city’s residents. (With inputs from PTI)