Delhi HC grants protection to same-sex interfaith couple fearing threats from family

- June 2, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Delhi High Court granted protection to a same-sex interfaith couple, apprehending threats from the family members of one of the partners

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The Delhi High Court has granted protection to a same-sex interfaith couple due to concerns about threats from one partner’s family.

Justice Rajnish Bhatnagar has instructed the police to provide their contact details to the couple, who can reach out for assistance if needed.

The couple’s lawyer requested an urgent hearing before a bench led by the chief justice, and the court agreed to hear the case on the same day.

The court has also urged the police to respond promptly in the event of a distress call from the couple.

The lawyer representing the couple emphasized that both partners are adults—one being Hindu and the other Muslim—and they wish to live together.

They have been facing threats from the Hindu woman’s family, and the lawyer urged the court to provide police protection not only to the couple but also to the Muslim woman’s family.

According to the petitioners, the Hindu woman’s family strongly opposes their relationship and attempted to forcefully marry her off to a man against her wishes by taking her to Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, allegations of religious conversion have been made against the Muslim woman’s family.

The court has directed the couple to inform the relevant police authorities if they decide to shift from the current shelter home to a rented accommodation. In such a case, the police will arrange for their protection accordingly. (With inputs from PTI)