Delhi records highest liquor sales during New Year week

- January 2, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

According to the data, 24,00,726 (24 lakh) liquor bottles were sold on New Year's Eve (December 31) -- the highest single-day sales during December 2023

NEW DELHI, INDIA - APRIL 19: People in a long queue to buy liquor after the Delhi Government announced a one-week lockdown at INA Market on April 19, 2021 in New Delhi, India. A six-day lockdown has been imposed in Delhi in view of an exponential rise in Covid-19 cases. Long queues were soon spotted outside liquor shops in different parts of Delhi. (Photo by Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

On New Year’s Eve, Delhi witnessed the sale of 24 lakh liquor bottles, marking an approximately 18 percent increase compared to the corresponding date in 2022.

Official data from the Excise department revealed that in December 2022, a total of 3.99 crore liquor bottles were sold through a network of 520 shops. However, in December 2023, this number surged to 4.97 crore bottles sold across 635 vends.

The data highlighted that December 31, 2023, marked the highest single-day sales during that month, with 24 lakh bottles sold. Comparatively, on December 31, 2022, 20.30 lakh bottles were sold, also registering the highest single-day sales figure for that month.

In December 2023, the second-highest sales were recorded on December 24 (Christmas Eve), amounting to 19.42 lakh bottles. Contrastingly, on the same day in 2022, 14.69 lakh bottles were sold.

Additionally, the data indicated that on December 30, 2023, sales reached 17.79 lakh bottles, compared to 14.66 lakh bottles on the same day in 2022.

Throughout December 2023, daily sales of liquor bottles consistently surpassed 10 lakhs. However, the lowest sales in 2023 were noted on December 5, with 12.84 lakh bottles sold, whereas on the same day in 2022, sales stood at 13.81 lakh bottles.

In 2022, the lowest sales were recorded on December 4, with 9.03 lakh bottles sold. (With inputs from PTI)