Kalavriksha 2024 – A group art exhibition

- January 2, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The exhibition, which began on January 1,2024, is set to continue its artistic extravaganza until January 15,2024

A group art exhibition tittled “Kalavriksha 2024”, featuring the distinctive works of 25 faculty members of the College of Art has began for viewers in Delhi at Lalit Kala Akademi, Rabindra Bhawan from January 1 till January 15.

The exhibition promises a multidisciplinary exploration of art and culture, delving into the interplay between hidden and exposed elements.

Showcasing a convergence of diverse artistic styles, the event offers an immersive experience that transcends cultural and artistic boundaries, often sparking interpretations and artistic epiphanies. This group show invites attendees to embark on a visual journey through various artistic forms such as sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, applied art, and photography, showcasing the richness of these diverse artistic expressions.

Participating artist are: Prof Amargeet Chandok, Anupama Kumari, Archna Sharma , Ashok N. Ninawe ,Chirravuri Omkarachari, Karunesh K. Kain , Kumar Jigeeshu ,Manoj Kumar ,Prof. Meera Saravanan,Neeti Joshi, Neha Singh ,Nidhi M. Sharma, Pardeep Kumar ,Pulkit Jawa,Raj Kumar Panwar ,Sh. Rajkumar H. Mahajan , Reshma ,Rimsy Chopra ,Prof Sanjeev Kumar , Sangeeta Kaushik ,Sumita Kathuria ,Udipti Jaiswal ,ex-faculties and eminent artists, including  Anupam Sud, Prof. Biman B. Das, Padam Shree, and Prof. Niren Sen, grace the invitee section, adding to the richness of the exhibition.

Nidhi Mahajan  Assistant professor Department of Sculpture said ,”My art is a source of documenting and expressing my own experiences. I believe that emotions are universal, my works may represent my journey, but they depict the universal emotions, to which anyone can connect to and relate to.

“We all are on varied journeies but with relatable experiences and emotions. I try to give form to such experiences and emotions in my work of art while drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of India,” Mahajan said.

Artist Rimsy Chopra asserts that art’s primary purpose lies in expressing emotional and psychological depths. “Expressions in art serve as a direct channel for emotional and psychological pronouncements, reflecting the essence of the human experience,” she said.

“My aim is to contribute positively to society through academic knowledge and visual expressions,” she added.

Her artworks, comprising multi-hued figures and non-representational gestural drawings, intricately connect conscious and subconscious thoughts. “I seek to bridge the gap between conscious and subconscious realms in my art, exploring the connections between thoughts and emotions,” Chopra said.

“My artworks portray playful human forms, each embodying diverse moods and personalities, inviting viewers to explore the spectrum of emotions,” she elaborates.

Inspired by nature, Chopra infuses her art with vibrant forms, intense colours, and rhythmic patterns. “I aim to channel the energies drawn from nature and human experiences into my art, using vibrant forms, colours, and patterns,” she added.

Sumita Kathuria, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Art, said, “In my artworks, I aim to encapsulate the interplay of my thoughts and emotions through vibrant colors and textures. Amidst life’s chaos, my pursuit is to find harmony—a visual representation of the mind’s journey towards peace, amidst the restlessness and turmoil”.

“My spontaneous and imaginative process, akin to playing with brushes, allows me to merge layers of expression, transcending the theoretical and mechanical boundaries often associated with applied art,” said Kathuria.

When: 11 AM- 7 PM; Ongoing till January 15

Where: Lalit Kala Akademi, Mandi House, Delhi