Delhi’s Hindu College rusticates 15 students over ‘indiscipline’ during students’ elections

- October 30, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

In an e-mail dated October 27, the Disciplinary Resource Committee of the college informed students that it had noticed "gross indiscipline" on their part during September 15-18 when elections for the students' union in the college were conducted

A view of the building of Hindu College at North Campus, Delhi University

Approximately 15 students from Delhi University’s Hindu College have been expelled, and actions against three more are pending due to allegations of indiscipline during the college union elections, college principal said on Monday.

“The decision was made based on the findings of the college’s Disciplinary Resource Committee, which identified the involvement of these students in disrupting the college elections. The duration of rustication varies depending on the degree of their involvement,” said Professor Anju Srivastava, the Principal of Hindu College, in a statement.

In an email dated October 27, the college’s Disciplinary Resource Committee informed the students of their observed “gross indiscipline” during the period of September 15-18, when the college’s student union elections were held.

During their October 16 meeting, the committee presented the students with photos and videos allegedly demonstrating their involvement in the incidents. The committee’s email stated, “… the committee has determined that your behavior during September 15-18 constitutes gross indiscipline (sic).”

In September, Hindu College students organized a hunger strike in protest against the rejection of 30 student nominations for the positions of ‘prime minister’ and central councillors at the college. Unlike other colleges, Hindu College refers to the head of the student union as ‘prime minister’ instead of president.

The college justified the rejection of nominations based on low attendance and initiated an inquiry, which later escalated, requiring police involvement.

“Practical attendance was not considered; only attendance in theory classes was taken into account. We requested the administration to issue a notice including our practical attendance,” said one of the expelled students, speaking anonymously.

According to the eligibility criteria established by the Lyngdoh Committee for students participating in union polls, a minimum of 75 percent attendance is required.

“Around 15 students have been expelled due to their involvement in the disruptions during elections, and investigations are ongoing for three others. The disciplinary committee has imposed a maximum rustication period of four months,” said Rameshwar Rai, the head of the Disciplinary Resource Committee.

The expelled students face charges of indiscipline, destruction of institutional property, and disruption of academic activities. They are required to submit an affidavit pledging not to engage in similar activities in the future. (With inputs from PTI)