Don’t take selfies: Delhi CM Kejriwal asks people not to visit flooded areas or play in water

- July 15, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal warns against taking selfies or swimming in flooded areas as the threat of floods in the city is not over yet

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal appealed to the residents of the city on Saturday, cautioning them against taking selfies or swimming in flooded areas, emphasizing the potential danger and noting that the threat of floods still persists.

The appeal came in the wake of a tragic incident where three young boys lost their lives after drowning in a ditch while bathing in floodwaters in the Mukundpur Chowk area of northwest Delhi.

In a tweet in Hindi, Kejriwal highlighted the reports he received from various locations regarding people indulging in activities such as playing, swimming, taking selfies, or shooting videos in waterlogged areas. He urged the public to refrain from engaging in such risky behavior, stressing that it can prove to be fatal. Kejriwal also underscored that the water flow remains forceful and the water level can rise unexpectedly.

The Chief Minister shared a video showing children playing in floodwaters at Shanti Van and called upon everyone to avoid such activities.

Parts of Delhi have been severely affected by flooding after the Yamuna River breached its banks, triggered by heavy rains in the upper catchment areas. Consequently, thousands of residents living in low-lying regions were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Following three consecutive days of rising water levels, the Yamuna began to recede on Friday. As of Saturday morning at 10 am, the water level had dropped to 207.48 meters from its peak of 208.66 meters on Thursday at 8 pm. Despite the decline, it remains more than two meters above the danger mark of 205.33 meters.

The breach at the Indraprastha regulator, which caused flooding in the ITO area and sections of the Ring Road, has been successfully sealed. Accordingly, the Delhi Traffic Police have permitted the movement of cars, autorickshaws, and other light vehicles on both carriageways of the Ring Road from Shanti Van to Geeta Colony.

However, the road leading from Shanti Van to Rajghat and towards ISBT remains closed for now. Authorities continue to monitor the situation closely and advise residents to exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines to ensure their well-being during this ongoing flood threat. (With inputs from PTI)