Efforts to make Delhi free of stray animals, says Mayor Shelly Oberoi

- June 13, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

To address the challenges posed by stray animals in Delhi, four cattle catcher vehicles were also flagged off by the mayor

The Mayor of Delhi, Shelly Oberoi, announced that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is formulating a plan to eliminate stray animals from the city streets and establish shelters to accommodate them.

In a meeting with NGOs involved in capturing stray animals, Oberoi discussed the upcoming plan. As part of their efforts, the MCD unveiled four modern cattle catcher vehicles and 12 pruning machines.

Mayor Oberoi said that their primary goal is to alleviate the inconvenience caused by stray animals for the residents while also ensuring the well-being of the animals themselves. Another meeting with NGOs will be conducted to develop a comprehensive strategy to make Delhi free of stray animals. Concurrently, preparations are being made to construct shelters specifically designed for these animals. Oberoi wrote a letter to Cabinet Minister Gopal Rai in the Delhi government to address this matter.

To promptly address complaints related to stray animals, the MCD introduced four cattle catcher vehicles. These vehicles, running on compressed natural gas (CNG), aim to protect the safety of the personnel capturing the animals and prevent any form of cruelty towards them. Additionally, the vehicles will help curb the problem of stray animals in the city.

The MCD also tackled the issue of tree pruning by equipping each zone with mounted pruning machines. By utilising these advanced machines, capable of reaching tall trees and branches with their telescopic boom systems, MCD officials will be able to resolve tree pruning concerns promptly. Mayor Oberoi expressed gratitude for the visionary leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, highlighting the ongoing efforts in the MCD area.

The MCD is taking proactive measures to address the challenges posed by stray animals in Delhi. Their plan includes constructing shelters for the animals and working closely with NGOs to develop a comprehensive strategy. The introduction of cattle catcher vehicles and pruning machines will ensure the safety of personnel, prevent cruelty towards animals, and resolve tree pruning issues efficiently. (With inputs from PTI)