Despite education dept releasing complete salary, Deen Dayal Upadhyay college faculty receives deducted salary

- September 9, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

According to the notice it issued, the assistant professors at the college have suffered a pay cut of Rs 30,000 while associate professors and professors have received 50,000 less in their net salaries.

Delhi University’s Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College’s faculty is facing the problem of partial salary yet again, as the university has released only a potion of their July salary of its permanent teaching staff  citing lack of funds, despite the department of higher education releasing the complete funds. 

While the assistant professors at the college have taken a pay cut of Rs 30,000, the associate professors and professors have taken a cut of  Rs 50,000 less in their net salaries. Deen Dayal Uoadhyay College is among the 12 DU colleges that is fully funded by the Delhi government.

As per the notice signed by the officiating principal Hem Chand Jain, “This is for information of all permanent teaching staff that due to paucity of funds, Rs 30,000 has been retained from Net Salary of Assistant Professors and Rs 50,000 from Net Salary of Associate Professors/Professors for the month of July, 2022.” The notice further states that “the same will be released as and when the funds are available”.  Moreover, since the college doesn’t have any money to pay the electricity dues either, the college has said that it will  have a five-day week as of now as the government is not releasing money.

The college’s action has undoubtedly drawn a sharp reaction from the college’s governing body as the governing body chairman Sunil Kumar has asked Jain, in a written letter, for an explanation. Kumar has also claimed that the required amount for the faculty’s salary was released  under the salary head by the higher education department.

“It is learnt that employees of college have been paid their salary for July after retaining Rs 50000/- of associate professor/professor and Rs 30000/- of assistant professor. Please clarify with whose permission you deduct this amount,” Kumar wrote to Jain. He also asked Jain to use the Rs 25 crore amount “lying with banks” in the form of fixed deposits to distribute teachers’ salaries.