Art as a journal that reflects varieties of moods

- September 9, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Mosaic artist Nikita Tater, who has exhibited at the prestigious Van Gogh Art Gallery in Spain and at major Art Expos in New York and Dubai, will be presenting her work at Jehangir Art Gallery in the national capital

Set to bring her a series of vibrant mosaic paintings, Nikita Tater, a Mumbai-based mosaic artist, will be exhibiting a week-long solo exhibition of her recent canvases that speak of nature and humanity. Tater’s abstract arrangements stem from her fascination with lines and checks as patterns.

From a distance, Tater’s acrylic paintings spring the spectre of a collection of miniature ceramic tiles swarming together to form an appealing visual narrative. Upon a closer look, however, one finds a painstakingly-painted mosaic on canvas telling a story through brushstrokes.

“The inspiration for my art usually comes from within as a diary – expressing my moods. Each painting begins with a colour obsession, a dream or a thought that evolves constantly. My work revolves around images that reflect and instil a connection with nature’s beauty”, says Tater as she explains her inspiration. She is a self-taught artist who is also the founder of ‘being creARTive’, an art house where every canvas awakens her innate emotions with a creative imagination.

For Tater, it is all about letting intuition guide her hand. With an inborn sense of striking colour combinations, dappled patterns and forms, she creates stunning large size canvases of women, people, flowers, birds, abstracts, and monochromes. 

Stimulated by her surroundings and a true seeker of inspiration, Tater’s gifted mind also does justice to her role as an interior designer, as she has an eagerness to seek out forms and colours that keep spaces overflowing with positive energy. In her brief artistic career, her distinctly playful style has become internationally-renowned with many works finding homes in private collections around the world.

Where: Jehangir Art Gallery

When: 12-18 September