Echoing the contemporary milieu

- September 9, 2022
| By : Jayali Wavhal |

Gallery 1000A ,in association with Art Multi Discipline, will be organizing a solo exhibition titled "Paradise Lost '' featuring the works of Saumik Chakraborty.

The exhibition is curated by Ayan Mukherjee, who says that the artist’s work is pure allegory and an image of the contemporary social situation.

His work appeals and narrates, not only to a restricted society, but on a much larger scale; the landscape stretches out to reflect the communities and its history throughout the world”, Mukherjee says.

Chakraborty is a ‘self-taught’ art practitioner and an acclaimed stage craft designer. He has been associated with the theater industry for the last 20 years with an experience of designing over 150 productions on stage.

The artist’s selection of colours and tones, along with the way he tackles various mediums, only recites the metaphorical situation which he chronicles through the melancholic nature and sensitivity of his compositions. “He laments, screams, and cries in anxiety and despair, gets frustrated with the mental trauma he experiences due to the socio-political events triggering thoughts that get reflected in his work”, Mukherjee adds.

Saumik’s work also displays a deep feeling of re-visiting his past struggles, hope, memories, remembrances which he records with utter honesty and reality that again demonstrates the despair, pathos of the times gone by.

In a society with detrimental outlook, destructive motives where peace cries and strives for existence and falls flat every time, human beings try persistently to erase and contradict the fact of being God’s greatest creation. In depressing times and hopeless situations, Saumik’s work acts as a vehicle which we may use to explore the harsh reality of our present-day society, amd accept the substantial definition and existential reality of human beings with a hope of raging war against this state of psychedelia where war, oppression inhumanity, dishonesty is incarcerating us more and more as time progresses.

Where: Gallery 1000A, F -210D , Old M B Road, Lado sarai

When: 10 September to 10 October, 11 am to 7 pm