G20 Summit: People may face inconvenience in Delhi, but we have to ensure its success, says PM

- August 26, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The summit will be held in the national capital from September 9 to 10. It is likely to be attended by more than 30 heads of states and top officials from the European Union and invited guest countries, and 14 heads of international organisations

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday called upon the citizens of Delhi to play an active role in ensuring the success of the forthcoming G20 Summit, despite the potential inconveniences caused by the presence of numerous global leaders in the city next month.

Scheduled for September 9 to 10, the summit is set to take place in the national capital and anticipates the participation of over 30 heads of state, high-ranking officials from the European Union and invited guest countries, as well as 14 heads of international organisations.

Speaking at a public reception upon his return from a diplomatic trip spanning South Africa and Greece, with a brief visit to the ISRO in Bengaluru, Modi extended his advance apologies to the populace for any disruptions arising from the G20 Summit preparations.

Modi emphasised that while the entire nation is essentially the host of the event, the guests are converging on Delhi. He highlighted the distinct duty that the residents of Delhi carry in ensuring the event’s success, underscoring that safeguarding the nation’s reputation is of utmost importance.

Acknowledging the likelihood of inconvenience due to altered traffic regulations, Modi stated that from September 5 to September 15, significant disruptions could be expected. He emphasised the necessity of these changes, recognising that certain measures are crucial for the summit’s smooth execution.

In light of the altered circumstances, Modi asserted that the people of Delhi hold a heightened responsibility for the G20 Summit. He urged them to maintain the nation’s pride by ensuring the continued display of the national tricolour with dignity and honor.(With inputs from PTI)