‘The Arboreal Haven’: An art exhibition

- August 26, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

The Arboreal Haven exhibition will feature the remarkable works of artist Mayank Kumar Shyam

Inherited Arts Forum is proud to unveil its upcoming exhibition, titled “The Arboreal Haven” showcasing the exquisite artistic creations of Mayank Kumar Shyam, artist hailing from the Gond Pardhan community in Madhya Pradesh.

The event will commence with a preview on August 25, 2023, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The exhibition itself will run from August 26 to September 25, 2023, welcoming visitors every day from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM. The venue for this artistic extravaganza is the Inherited Arts Forum Gallery Lado Sarai, New Delhi.

“The Arboreal Haven” is an exceptional display of Mayank Shyam’s artistic prowess, offering an immersive experience that transports viewers into the captivating realm of his Gond-Pardhan inspired creations. The artist’s remarkable ability to infuse vibrant narratives from his cultural heritage into his artwork takes center stage in this exhibition.

Mayank Shyam’s masterpieces beckon spectators to engage with a world enriched by the cultural narratives of the Gond-Pardhan community. His ingenious interpretation and visualisation of these cherished tales, deeply ingrained in his upbringing, showcase his recent works, which revolve around a profound story. This narrative narrates the benevolent interaction between a bird and a tree, resulting in a harmonious coexistence blessed by divine forces.

These age-old tales, intricately woven into the performative traditions of the Pardhan community, undergo a contemporary metamorphosis at the hands of Shyam, resulting in visual expressions that seamlessly blend tradition with innovation.

The exhibition derives its appellation, “The Arboreal Haven” from the heartwarming tale of the bird-tree relationship. Just as the tree flourished and bore fruits due to the bird’s benevolence, this exhibition endeavors to nurture the tradition of storytelling while simultaneously celebrating the artist’s transformative journey that transmutes these narratives into mesmerizing visual spectacles.

Inherited Arts Forum (IAF) stands as a collaborative venture between two avant-garde galleries, Exhibit 320 and Blueprint12. The “The Arboreal Haven” exhibition marks a significant milestone in IAF’s ongoing mission to uphold and safeguard folk and tribal art forms from various corners of India.

When: 10:30 am – 6:30 pm; August 26 to September 25

Where: Inherited Arts Forum Gallery, F 320, First Floor, Lado Sarai, New Delhi